Dr. Tony Palermo began his service in an insurance-dependent practice. And then, long before it was fashionable OR necessary, he completely re-vamped his practice model.

His 100% Cash, 100% Referral/Members ONLY Practice, which catered primarily to health conscious individuals and their families has become a model for countless chiropractors around the world.

He created systems and procedures to support his high volume practice in which he personally served an average of

500 -700 patient visits a week!

He is dedicated to helping other chiropractors achieve their goals of educating their community and making our world subluxation free.

Connect with Dr. Tony personally to schedule a coaching conversation to determine if the two of you are a good fit for one another. This conversation will be an actual "real-time" coaching call. There's no cost, no obligation and absolutely NO sales pitch involved.

Dr. Palermo is an advocate of the Law of Attraction. If after your coaching call you would like more information about his services - feel free to ask. In other words - the call's content is all about you!

There are no applications or long-winded enrollment forms involved.

Simply tell Dr. T what you'd like to discuss during your Complimentary 25 Minute Coaching Call and you're done. Connect with Dr. T via Facebook, to set up a call.